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Blue Griffin

Dronix Engineering proudly introduce the latest of its multirotor UAV – The DR 900 – Blue Griffin. Striving to meet a new endurance criteria in the market, the DR 900 can go up to 60 minutes with 1.5kg payload or up to 90 minutes with 0.5kg payload, leaving 15% energy for fail safe. 

Tested with rough weather conditions, the DR 900 designed for long range tactic, patrol and surveillance missions, and also very easy to transport as it folds into a compact size and easy to deploy, for on the spot use.

About Us

Dronix Engineering ltd is a leading custom-made multi rotors UAV manufacturer, specializing in creating high-endurance multi rotors UAV’s with special payload requirements. Our vast experience includes solutions for leading HLS, military, aerospace and civil industries Dronix Engineering ltd also carries its own line of all-purpose multi rotors UAVs, including its own line of energy batteries optimized for best performance. Dronix Engineering ltd was established by the founders of Ready Edi brand (AKA – multirotor4fly) in associations with Optronics Engineering ltd.