Dronix engineering DR 1100 Hexa is it’s most popular all-purpose long range multirotor UAV.
The DR 1100, also known as the Blue Pegasus, has one of the best endurance performance in it’s category carrying 5KG payload crossing the 30min flight time easily.
Tested with rough weather conditions, the DR 1100 designed for long range payload oriented missions, being also very easy to transport as it can fold into a compact size and easy to deploy for use on the spot.

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Flight Duration (w/payload) 5kg/36min
Max Payload 5kg
Max Takeoff Weight 14kg
Max Speed 25m/s
Flight Duration (5m/s) - No payload 55min
Flight Duration (5m/s) with payload 5kg/36min
Type Hexa
Diagonal wheelbase 1100mm
Height 470mm
Weight (w/o battery) 5.5kg
Weight (with battery) 9.4kg
Operational Voltage 6/12S lithium
Num of Battery Packs 2
Propeller Size 21"
Battery Type Lipo/Lion
Voltage (V) 22.2/44.4
Capacity (mAh) 22000/30000
Weight (per pack) 2.5kg
Max charging power 1-3c/0.5c