Meeting a new endurance criteria in the market, the DR 400 is the perfect drone for police, law enforcement and border control missions as it allows officials to have a better vantage point during times of chaotic situations where deploying ground personnel is too risky. The DR 400 is easy to operate and includes a remote controller, powerful (40W) speaker and optional camera or “kojak” flashing light.
Dronix Engineering, a subsidiary of Optronics Engineering, is a leading custom-made multi rotors UAV manufacturer, specializing in creating high-endurance multi rotors UAV’s with special payload requirements.
Our vast experience includes solutions for leading HLS, military, aerospace and civil industries.

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400W speaker
400W speaker


Flight Duration (w/payload) 150g/20min
Max Payload 400g
Max Takeoff Weight 1350gr
Max Speed 20m/s
Flight Duration (5m/s) - No payload 28min
Flight Duration (5m/s) with payload 150g/20min
Type Quad
Diagonal wheelbase 400mm
Height 223mm
Weight (w/o battery) 600gr
Weight (with battery) 980gr
Operational Voltage 3S lithium
Num of Battery Packs 1
Propeller Size 9"
Battery Type Lipo
Voltage (V) 11.1
Capacity (mAh) 2200-5200
Weight (per pack) 195-380g
Max charging power 1-3c