Portable GCS

Dronix engineering Portable GCS (Ground Control Station) is simple, compact, rugged and easy to carry and deploy.
The portable GCS is based on a rugged computer integrated with GCS software application used to display both real-time videos and moving tactical map, as well as enabling control of the mission.
The portable GCS is housed in a handy, waterproof “Peli”-like case and contains all the electronics necessary to serve as the connection point for the system, enabling easy to operate Multi Rotors/UAVs while serving long duration operations.
Our portable GCS units are in the HOTAS (Hands On Throttle And Stick) layout. This layout includes a 3-Axis Joystick to control yaw, pitch and roll of the aircraft. A slide / t-bar fader increase or decrease the airspeed of the aircraft.

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Portable GCSPortable GCS
Portable GCS
Portable GCS
Portable GCS


Case dimensions 268X240X124mm
Weight ~2500gr
Resolution 480X800
Operational time ~5hours
Charging time ~3hours
Operating Voltage 12 DC Volt
Power consumption 18W/h’